A Primer on Hair Transplants

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If you are thinking of a solution to hair loss, below are some of the essentials you should know. The actual hair transplant process requires that a surgeon extracts hair from the back of your scalp. It should be DHT resistant, and this hair is transplanted to the bald areas.  You should understand that in a lot of the cases, the hair transplant process is one which works for the men and not the women. There is a huge difference between loss of hair in men and women. Men suffer from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), and it leads to a pattern of horseshoe of hair in the sides and the back of the head.
In most cases, women suffer diffuse hair loss which refers to a general thinning of hair over the scalp. Learn more about Hair Transplants at top hair transplant surgeons. Their front hairline is not affected, unlike men who suffer from a receding hairline. DHT cannot affect a woman’s hair no matter what is on the scalp. However, men have areas at the back and sides of the scalp which are resistant to DHT. If DHT affects hair at the donor site, then it will fall out if it is transplanted to another place.
Curly or coarse hair is the best to use in hair transplants. This is because it offers the best coverage. A hair transplant surgeon will experience more difficulty when the patient has straight or fine hair as this type of hair is flat and close to the close, and therefore it offers very little coverage.
Another difficulty is with patients that have high contrast between the color of their hair and that of their skin. Get more info about Hair Transplants at Miami Hair. One can get a more natural looking hair transplant if they have dark skin and dark hair or if they are blonde and have fair skin. Those that do not fit this criterion must search well for the top hair transplant surgeons to do the procedure.
A lot of the information available online focuses on the mechanics of the hair transplant process. Moreover, they emphasize how the transplant procedure is carried out. Giving thought to the art of hair transplants is vital.
Each person has a unique shape of the face, hairline characteristics among others. A good surgeon will consider these unique characteristics into consideration and conduct a procedure that will take into account the shape and natural contours of the patient’s scalp. A great surgeon will know what pleases the eye and what is not natural. Ask them for photos of their previous patients whom the surgeon has performed procedures on. Learn more from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaxY_cLW8bA. 

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